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From "Finding the Nature of a Contingent Being"

This is Avicenna on The Necessary Existent

Basically, from what I understand, in order to demonstrate that a Necessary Existent, i.e. God, exists, Avicenna defines two concepts (1) That which is necessary in itself and that which is not necessary and (2) whatever is not necessary is either impossible or contingent upon something else.

He makes a distinction between being an entity, the way something exists, and to have being, to actually exist. There is that which is necessary in itself and that which is not necessary. Because things that come in and out of existence, they are not necessary. If they are not necessary, they are either impossible or contingent, that is dependent and necessary only in relation to their cause

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Not gonna go into the impossible...or maybe i should just to get it out of the way. I've said that if something is not necessary, it is either contingent or impossible. If something is contingent, it could be or it could not be. If something is impossible, it could not be. If an entity could not be, then it does not have a cause.

Let me try to articulate cause and existence...

So...if something ceases to be, that is goes out of existence, it is not necessary and is not causing itself. It is contingent. Something outside of of this entity caused it. This contingent being is only made necessary by its cause.

If somthing is impossible, then it could not be, it does not have a cause

The Public and the Private Realm ^^
Chap 2 Arendt

Slowly man is reduced as a whole in all his activities to the level of a conditioned and behaving animal. In losing our ability to act, instead behaving, we lose that which is essential to human beings?
Does this mean that walking on the grass instead of the sidewalk means we're exercising that which makes us human beings? Because we are not behaving but going against rules society has set?

I'm kidding. True that modern society has a created a world where one must conform to the standard norms. What would happen then, if all of us decided to rebel and destroy the grass around campus or cause some trouble from running into each other? She acknowledges that unfortunately the more people there are, the more likely they are to behave and the less likely to tolerate non-behavior (p.43) Any deviation from society's norms might be a threat to the collective interest of the people, which is why it will not be tolerated.

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